Resistance Training

If you want a firm and shapely body resistance training is the answer. Resistance Training can be used to achieve a variety of beneficial results and most individuals would benefit from 1 - 3 resistance workouts a week in conjunction with regular aerobic exercise.


Firm, sculpted muscles are the highly sought after aim of men and women alike. As well as making your body look good, resistance training can be used to increase muscle strength for more functional reasons i.e. improved posture, digging the garden or carrying the shopping etc...

The Benefits of Resistance Training

  1. Strengthens the skeletal system of your body.
  2. Strengthens the muscular system.
  3. Decreases the risk of osteoporosis by improving your bone density.
  4. Increases the rate of your metabolism.
  5. Improves posture, so you’re not always slouching, reducing any back pain you could have in later life.
  6. Limits atrophy of the muscle.
  7. Assists with hypertension control.
  8. Assists with controlling your cholesterol.
  9. Helps control your body fat.
  10. Helps increase blood circulation around your body.
  11. Helps prevent adult-onset diabetes.
  12. It can help improve your self-esteem and your mood.
  13. Will improve the quality of your life.
  14. Will decrease the chances of certain cancers and heart disease.
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