Nutritional Consultation

Along with any fitness program, I will work with you to establish a realistic, workable nutritional plan that will ensure that you are taking in enough of the right calories to provide the energy that you need. This plan will work round potential difficulties such as family meals/allergies/work commitments etc to ensure that the plan is easy to maintain.

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If weight loss/control is to be successful in the long term, it should be combined with exercise to speed up the body's metabolism and encourage it to burn more calories/fat. Exercise, and more specifically muscle toning, can increase the amount of fat used by the body, even when you're sitting at your desk at work!

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My thoughts

It is not easy to change how you eat overnight. The difficulties involve luck of having a desire to eat when you should, organizing scheduled times to eat and finding the right type foods to eat.

Because of this you should take small steps in achieving your target of 6 meals by adding an extra meal a week to allow your body and life style to have enough time to adjust to your new regime.