Kettle Bells

Kettlebells deliver unparalleled fitness training if you're looking to burn fat and build up high levels of cardio fitness.


Unlike traditional weights, the Kettlebell’s centre of gravity is offset from the handle meaning the weight constantly pulls against your hand and therefore recruits a huge range of stabilizer muscles to help control it. Most of the techniques used work the Core muscles really hard as well - a benefit the majority of people seem to like!

Kettlebell Training makes the body work as one whole unit. The more of your muscles that are working at one time the more energy your body needs to supply to the muscles. This extra energy supply means that more calories and burned. Reports of 800 calories or more an hour being burned is not uncommon.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

  • Develop strength and flexibility
  • Build an amazing cardiovascular system in no time
  • Drop fat without aerobics
  • Burn up to 800 calories in one session
  • Injury proof your back, knees and shoulders
  • Feel strong, healthy and energised
  • Drop a clothes size
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